About Gopher Block™

The Solution for Gophers

For many homeowners, Gophers have have wreaked havoc on laws causing extensive damage and in many cases requiring a re-installation to yet again have gophers ruin the lawnscape. Gopher Block™ is the solution. We offer both stainless steel and galvanized steel wire mesh rolls which are very effective at blocking gophers from tunneling up through the lawn or landscape.

We Know Gophers

For many years we have helped thousands of homeowners select the correct gopher wire mesh for their lawn or landscape. We are very familiar with the challenges that gophers present, the various varieties and tunneling patterns. Most importantly however, we know how to effectively prevent intrusion and have designed a mesh which specifically addresses this problem.

Quality is Paramount

Our gopher wire is manufactured specifically as a gopher deterrent with a very application-specific manufacturing process. The process allows for the mesh to resist in-ground deterioration while providing the specific 3/4" mesh size which allows grass and other types of roots to effectively grow through the mesh promoting both a healthy and gopher-free lawn and landscape.

Big Projects? Small Projects? No Problem.

We warehouse our mesh in Utah which provides quick transit to the West Coast where most gopher issues arise. We carry a large inventory of material which allows us to fulfill both small and large orders quickly.