Easy $75 - $150 Photo Refund

Would you be willing to share photos of your project for display on our website? Send us (3) photos of your project within 60 days of ordering with Gopher Block™ with our wire visible in the photos and we’ll provide you with an easy refund back to your credit card.

Order Size: (excluding sales tax)

$1 - $500 = $75 Refund
Add a 2 sentence testimonial +$25 refund

$1,000+ = $100 Refund
Add a 2 sentence testimonial +$50 refund

No forms required. Simply email your photos to support@gopherblock.com or text them to: (425) 552-4756 with your name / company name and we’ll provide your refund right away.

*By submitting photos you are authorizing Gopher Block™ to display your project photo and testimonial on its website and any affiliated websites promoting Gopher Block™ products.