Weed Barrier Fabric – Heavy Duty

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Size: 4' x 250'
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Using durable weed barrier cloth is essential for keeping unwanted weeds out of landscapes and planting areas. This premium weed barrier fabric is a heavy-duty, 4.75 oz hybrid blend of both woven and nonwoven materials, offering excellent permeability and water flow while remaining strong and durable.

Key Features

  • Premium Hybrid Blend: Combines woven and nonwoven fabrics for strength and durability.
  • Great Permeability: Allows water to flow through, ensuring plants receive necessary hydration.
  • Planting Marker Lines: The woven side can be placed face up to reveal helpful planting marker lines, aiding in maintaining even plant spacing. This feature is especially useful for commercial applications or larger projects with numerous plantings.

Versatile Roll Widths

The weed barrier is available in multiple roll widths to match your specific project needs, ensuring a perfect fit for any landscape or planting area.